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Best-in-class project management features for both traditional and Agile projects.

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More Features

Everything you would expect from a modern solution.

Create custom task phases, repeating tasks, and much more.

Repeating Tasks

Create repeating tasks for periodic assignments and receive notifications when they are due.

Timeline View

Visualize dependencies and your entire project on our easy to use Gantt charts

Client Portals Built-In

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Build detailed project and task templates to streamline common work.


Organize users into groups that can create custom workflows, Kanban boards, and utilize sprint management capabilities.


Create customizable request forms that allow users to request new work that must be approved before being created.


Keep track of important project-related dates and all work that needs to be completed beforehand.

Agile Projects

Epics, user stories, Kanban boards and sprint planning are all built-in to Ravetree—no hacks needed.


Our full-featured calendar includes powerful filters that allow you to see projects, milestones, sprints, and more. It also includes a two-way calendar sync with Google Calendar and Outlook.


Group projects together and see aggregated budgets, time logs, and task metrics.


Forecast project budgets from anticipated resource needs and time to completion.

Project Financials

Get rid of your spreadsheets. With Ravetree you have access to power budget tracking capabilities where you can see profitability, estimated vs actual, and much more.


Create any kind of dependency: finish to start, start to finish, finish to finish, and start to start.


Break your tasks down into discrete action items, and easily convert them to tasks when needed.

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We take a customer-first approach. Our #1 priority is ensuring that you are successful on Ravetree!

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