Advanced billing capabilities are built into Ravetree — no need for a separate billing application.

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More Features

Everything you would expect from a modern solution.

Create invoices, estimates, retainers and more.


Easily create invoices from approved time logs, expenses, and service items. Invoices can be emailed directly to customers and integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks.


Estimates can be emailed directly to prospects for approval. Projects can automatically be created as soon as estimates have been approved.


The most powerful retainer management feature—anywhere. There are options to auto-generate invoices, projects, and even auto-charge your customer with our Stripe integration.

Bill Rates

Set up bill rates on retainers, projects, individuals, and work roles. These rates can also be adjusted for specific projects.


Save time with our reusable estimate templates.

Receive Payments

Utilize our Stripe integration and easily received payments for your invoices.

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We take a customer-first approach. Our #1 priority is ensuring that you are successful on Ravetree!

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