All the features you need, in one place

Ravetree is a powerful collection of features that eliminates the need for multiple applications to run your business.


Create custom task phases, repeating tasks, and much more.

Timeline View

Visualize dependencies and your entire project on our easy to use Gantt charts


Build detailed project and task templates to streamline common work.

Client Portals

Give your clients real-time visibility into their projects, and give them the ability to review files and submit request forms. Add an unlimited number of clients at no additional cost.


Organize users into groups that can create custom workflows, Kanban boards, and utilize sprint management capabilities.


Create customizable request forms that allow users to request new work that must be approved before being created.


Keep track of important project-related dates and all work that needs to be completed beforehand.

Agile Projects

Epics, user stories, Kanban boards and sprint planning are all built-in to Ravetree—no hacks needed.


Our full-featured calendar includes powerful filters that allow you to see projects, milestones, sprints, and more. It also includes a two-way calendar sync with Google Calendar and Outlook.


Group projects together and see aggregated budgets, time logs, and task metrics.


Forecast project budgets from anticipated resource needs and time to completion.

Time Logs

Easily create time logs with one click and associate them with projects, tasks, clients, and more.


Create a list of timers that can be started and paused as often as needed until your work is completed.


See all of your time entered for the week and how it compares to time estimates.


Choose between auto-approval or manager required approval for all time and expense log entries.

Expense Logs

Enter expenses against custom expense categories, add % markups for billable expenses, and attach receipts.


Get notified whenever you have logged more time than what you had originally estimated.


Run custom reports for time logs and expenses. Reports can be saved and exported.


Easily see how each person is being utilized in terms of hours and as a percentage. Also see utilization for the entire organization.

Timeline View

Visualize utilization for each day, week, or month.

Time off Request

Create time off plans for different users and give them the ability to request off time from work.

Workdays & Work Week

Customize each employee’s workday and work week to ensure you get an accurate figure for upcoming availability.


Create power filters that allow you to view resources by team, office, department, or skill.

Unschedule Tasks

View all unscheduled tasks and easily assign them with drag & drop.

Account & Contact

Organize all of your accounts and contacts in one place, and run powerful filters to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Create custom sales pipelines to keep track of important prospects. Winning a deal can trigger the creation of a project from a project template.


Keep track of important points of contact with prospects and existing customers.


Create rules-based lists of contacts and accounts. Newly added contacts and accounts will automatically be placed into the proper list.


Create important reminders that will send you notifications that link directly to your contacts and accounts.


Utilize our integrations with G Suite and Office 365 to see your email history with each contact in the Ravetree CRM. Convert emails into projects, tasks, and deals with one click.


Easily create invoices from approved time logs, expenses, and service items. Invoices can be emailed directly to customers and integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks.


Estimates can be emailed directly to prospects for approval. Projects can automatically be created as soon as estimates have been approved.


The most powerful retainer management feature—anywhere. There are options to auto-generate invoices, projects, and even auto-charge your customer with our Stripe integration.

Bill Rates

Set up bill rates on retainers, projects, individuals, and work roles. These rates can also be adjusted for specific projects.

File Approval

Create multi-staged approval workflows for files that require approval from different stakeholders—including clients.

Storage & Security

You get unlimited file storage, 256-AES encryption, and individual file sizes up to 2GB.

File Types

Upload any file type: PDF, MOV, MP4, AI, PSD, XLSX, DOCX, PNG, and many more


Allow everyone access to a specific file, only grant access to specific people, or give access based on permission role.

Version Control

Upload new versions of a file and view previous versions at any time.


Lots of integrations with 3rd-party storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and Instagram.


Files can be attached to projects, tasks, and elsewhere. You can also view


Give clients access to their projects where they can see updates in realtime.

File Approvals

Easily get approvals from clients on important files, such as mockups, copy, and more.

Submit Requests

Give clients the ability to submit project requests, that can then be approved by managers.


Engage in realtime conversations with clients on easy-to-use comment feeds.

Assign Tasks

Make it clear what clients are expected to do by assigning them tasks in Ravetree.


Clients can receive important notifications that ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Internal Requests

Give your team the ability to request projects and tasks

External Requests

Give clients the ability to submit requests for projects and tasks


Request forms are highly customizable, with as many fields as you need


Create multi-tiered approval workflows that can change depending on the type of request

Project Requests

Give users the ability to request new projects.

Task Requests

Easily manage scope creep by requiring that new tasks are requested before being created (optional).


Kanban teams can set up WIP limits and operate with continuous workflows.


Scrum team can utilized time-boxed sprints and additional reporting.

Board View

All teams can use our highly customized board views that are great for visualizing work.


Burndown charts, member velocity, and other reports can provide valuable insights.

Sprint Planning

Easily plan sprints into the future with our powerful sprint planning tools.

Custom Workflows

Every team can create their own highly customizable workflow.


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